Hamja Ahsan talk notes

I was just looking through a notebook of mine and found a few scrawled notes from Hamja Ahsan‘s talk at the Autism Arts Festival earlier this year. I didn’t note down any context but I assume these were recommendations from Hamja. I’ll list them below both for my own reference and in case this is of interest to others. Please note some of these will have nothing to do with autism or zines as Hamja’s talk was wide-ranging.

  • “Easter 1916” series on Amazon Prime (about Patrick Pearse)
  • “Name of the Father” movie starring Emma Thompson
  • “The Establishment” book by Owen Jones
  • Quote: “Susan Cain is the Tony Blair of introverts.”
  • “Madness and Oppression” zine – free download
  • “A is for Aspergers” zine – my post about it
  • “Addicted to Loneliness” zine – Etsy
  • “DSM 69” book by Dolly Sen – buy, about
  • “Don’t be Retarded” zine – buy, about, about – (Note: I am waiting to hear back if this is same zine as “Proud to be Retarded”. The covers are almost identical.)
  • I have written down “Neurotypical – not all cats are dogs” but I am unsure what this might refer to. Googling for zines titled as such isn’t working. Contact me if you have any ideas.
  • “Academics Against Networking” zine.
  • “SPK” zine – info
  • I have written down “Helena Walsh – eating disorder as hunger strike”.
  • “Help the Normals” charity art work – see: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • “Shyness and Society” book – buy – (Note: There is a PDF of this online but I have chosen not to link to it.)
  • “QUOTA” play on YouTube (6 mins) – I can’t find this – it’s a googling nightmare.
  • This URL with no context written down: https://otherasias.webnode.com/toy-box/
  • “DIY Cultures” YouTube longtable – I assume this refers to this video.
  • Hamja approves of Prospect Trade Union – I did not note down why.


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